Fall 2011: Success

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The Fall Semester of this 2011 can only be summarized with the word success. Not only we had our biggest turnout on every practice so far, but we also played more games this semester than the last two semesters combined. And what makes us more proud than anything else, is that 80-90% of our players have never played this game before.

Our practice facilities this time around were provided by the Marian Park, located on the southwest area of Houston. We reach an agreement with them of having our practices on their facilities in exchange for collaborating with their after school program for kids on the elementary and middle school years. For this task we were fortunate enough to find Oscar Grisales, a very experienced coach and with several years of presence in the local community. He took charge of Team Handball on the after school program allowing us to practice on Wednesday nights, holding practices to everyone interested in participating.

We started the semester right away having to compete on the first ever edition of the Texas Team Handball League, at the beautiful facilities of Texas State University. We struggled on the first game as it was the first one ever for most of the players, but end up loosing by only three goals against the experienced A&M team. Our second game was against the local team, who had several players with experience on their roster and still we managed to loose by only three goals again. All in all a very good experience looking forward to our development. (Recap at USATH website: link, pictures).

Following that first experience, and in preparation for the second round of the league, when we were going to be the hosting team, we arranged two scrimmages games with the Houston Firehawks, a local powerhouse in the Houston area. On these games we made use of our youth and athleticism, and were able to close the gap and win the second half on both games.

Then the time came to host our round of the league, and we had the enormous luck of having Bogdan Pasat and the people from Southwest Indoor Soccer to provide us with their new Team Handball court for free. And thanks to the great turnout and energy from all the participants, they got so excited that, not only decided to rebuild their own Team Handball club (perhaps a new addition to the league for 2012/13?), but also to start a new city tournament in the near future.

This time we had to play with the two most experienced teams on the state, the Houston Vikings and the Austin Rockstars. Sadly the fellows from Austin could not make it so they forfeited their game in our favor giving us our first two points for the standing. We did faced off against the Vikings in what was going to be our toughest match of the season. By pacing ourselves, and playing with the edge that our Eagles had develop, we were able to score 14 goals (the most any team scored against the Vikings) and only lost by a differential of 14. (Recap at USATH website: link).

All this development and progress was tipped with our performance on a scrimmage game against Texas A&M, in which we won the first half for 10-9 showing our best playing of the season. We then mix and match the second half roster to give more playing time to the less experienced guys.

All this events rounded a semester of mayor success on development and skills learning for our players, and of success and growth on the whole Texas Team Handball landscape. In summary: Success.

Up: Miguel, Kevin, Aissata, Chrys, Eric, Coach Martin. Down: Juan, Cameron, Christian, Oscar, Javier, Julian.

Up: Coach Martin, Jeff, Marcus, Eugene, Eric, Julian. Down: Cameron, Colby, Christian, Oscar.

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Practice Wednesday Night (09/21/11)

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Good evening athletes. Just reminding you guys that tomorrow (Wednesday – 09/21/11) we have practice  at the Marian Park located at 11001 South Gessner Drive, Houston, Texas 77071. Starts at 6:30pm and it goes until 8:30 pm ! If you are already in the team, is really important that you show up, because we have a tournament at San Marcos coming. And if you are still not in the team, feel free to join us and bring your friends. No experience needed !

PS: All players are expected to show up, so if for any reason you can’t be there tomorrow, please let our coach Martin know.

e-mail: marin.bilello@gmail.com

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Cheerleaders and Mascot !

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Maybe you’re not a “sport” person but want to be a part of the many different sport clubs ! Here is your chance ! The HCC is looking for enthusiastic people with school pride to form the first cheerleader squad and mascot team !

If you are interested contact the Recreational Sports Office at (713)718-8498 or e-mail to sports@hccs.edu

Also remembering everyone that wants to join the handball team, fell free to contact our coach Martin Bilello at martin.bilello@gmail.com ! No experience needed !

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New Season !

September 19, 2011 1 comment

Ok athletes, this is a new season full of new exciting things !  Let’s first talk about the new organization ! We have Martin Bilello as our coach, Miguel as our assistant coach and captains for each team. Representing the men team we will have Rafael as the captain, and representing the women team we have Susana as captain. They are going to be the faces of our team and point of contact for any questions that you guys might have.

We already had 3 practices. The first practice of the new season was on September 10th, located at  901 Yorkchester Drive, Houton, TX 77079, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. The second practice was on September 14th at the Marian Park, located at 11001 South Gessner Drive, Houston, TX 77071, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. And our third practice was on September 17th at the West Houston Indoor Soccer, located at 17115 Clay Rd, Houston, Texas 77084, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

As you guys can see, our practices are Saturdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, and Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the only problem is that our locations are not always the same, so if you want to keep up with the practices you must pay attention to the e-mails that our coach Martin sends to us.

If you want to join our team, there are a few things you need to know. First, check if you really are available on practice days and time. That doesn’t mean that you have to be there EVERY practice, but you also cannot miss ALL of them. Second, if you don’t have experience, don’t worry, our coach and assistant coach will help you out. And finally for more questions or concerns please leave a comment on this blog.

So, for the people that are already in the team all I can say is: Let’s have fun and improve our techniques ! And for the people that want to join us:  Let us know that you’re interested and bring your friends with you because we are very much in need of more players !

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Closing the Season

This Spring semester saw HCC Team Handball playing more than before, and although we could not make it to College Nationals this year, the future looks better than ever.

We not only participated in the games with Houston Vikings mentioned in the previous post, but also have two scrimmages with the other club in town, the Houston Firehawks. Both times we fought close games, and in the last one we came up short for only 4 goals (26-22), having won the first half.

We also went up to College Station for a good day of games, invited by Texas A&M who were preparing for competing on College Nationals. We not only played them, but also met with the newly formed Texas State team.

We sure enjoy playing games, but it is not all competition for us, there is also time for some fun. We participated on an exhibition game in a grass court at the St. Sava Church in Cypress, to promote the sport and also to rise interest on the local Serbian community. And of course we had a blast celebrating the end of season at the local Dave & Buster.

Being our first year of existence, the 2010-2011 season could not have been better. But we need to commit ourselves to make the 2011-2012 season the best one yet. With more teams in the area than ever, rising interest, and the increasing commitment to promote the sport, the chances for a Texas Team Handball League are better than ever. And our chances to participate on the USATH College Nationals 2012 have increased.

We hope to have everyone back next season, and of course we will be open to receive anyone that wants to join us. Let’s keep building this great club and promoting this wonderful sport!

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First Games of 2011

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We opened the year in a big way by participating on several games held by the Houston Vikings in what was their preparation for the Blue Cup.

HCC presented a full team plus a few reserves, we had a mix of experienced players and some others new to the sport, but overall the level of play was good. Although we couldn’t come out with a win, we were very close against Texas A&M until the last minutes, when our energy reserves were completely out.

The results for the games were:

Houston Community College – Houston Vikings 11:29
Texas A&M – Houston Vikings 18:17
Houston Community College – Texas A&M 18:21

USATH published an article about the games on their website: Texas A&M Wins Battle of Texas

HCC Eagles complete roster was: Chrys, Martin, Miguel, Marcus, Marcelo, Habib, Rafael, Murillo, Juan, Cristian, Susana, and Corina.

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Spring 2011

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We are thrilled to start this Spring semester of 2011 with new locations for practices. Specially the full court for Saturdays, where we are going to host several games against clubs and colleges from Houston and it’s surrounding areas. We are still pursuing participation on the College National Tournament, and trying to organize several other tournaments in the area. This is going to be an exciting semester, we hope you can join us.

Wednesdays 7:30-9:30 pm @ West Houston Indoor Soccer. 17115 Clay Rd Houston, TX 77084

Saturdays 12-2 pm @ Highland Creek Village’s Playground. 19514 Azalea Valley Dr Katy, TX 77449

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